These resorts make up only a small part of a broad and diverse area situated at the most southern edge of Spain, stretching from the unspoilt resort of Nerja in the east and to the British outpost of Gibraltar in the west. During the summer when temperatures reach up to 40 degrees celcius, it comes as no surprise that from some vantage points the Atlas Mountains of Africa can be seen, and windstorms whip across the region, depositing Saharan sand. Winters can be chilly, and between November and April there are often prolonged heavy rainstorms, but in coastal areas, temperatures do not fall low. Expats moving to the Costa del Sol will find that housing and rental prices are generally quite low, as is the cost of living, although it is creeping up steadily. Expats will find that local produce such as fish, fruit and vegetables and olive oil are plentiful, meaning a healthy diet, and eating and drinking out, remain good value for money. Here one can rub shoulders with the rich and famous, visit designer shops and admire luxury yachts in the beautiful marinas.

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Detectives and Malaga-based central government representatives revealed details of the timeshare fraud op at a press conference in the Costa del Sol capital this morning. A police spokesman said: An officer counts the Euros in front of a pile of envelopes ‘The suspects offered their customers, all British and timeshare owners, a timeshare holiday product. The raids came after police were asked to act on a formal complaint filed by a lawyer acting for 33 Brits who said they had fallen victim to a timeshare scam.

Spain’s National Police said in a statement:

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You needed to be an entrepreneur and commute back to the UK every week, or, if you were reliant on a Spanish-based job, you needed to be involved in property in some way — an estate agent, builder or selling furniture. With a pension to live off and no income at risk, for them, the pros of living in the sun far outweigh any cons. But for younger families who moved out when the going was good, sustaining a life in Spain is becoming increasingly difficult.

It was everything we had dreamed of. We watched it happening to our friends and neighbours. Day by day, another family would disappear. Whole communities were devastated. There were people leaving home in the middle of the night; ditching their cars at the airport and never coming back. I still miss Spain dearly — our reasons for leaving were purely financial and that remains the only hurdle to living there. The plan is to save some money and, in the longer time, move back.

People are snapping up bargains as holiday homes and they have no intention of living in Spain. Some have more personal reasons for quitting the Costa.

Mijas Costa area guide: expat heaven

The two explosions occurred at almost the same time in the early hours of this morning. GSV The first blast happened outside a residential property on a gated estate in Benahavis which is popular with British expats and holidaymakers. The second occurred outside a car wash firm on an industrial estate in nearby San Pedro de Alcantara owned by the man whose home was targeted. No one was injured in the blasts, although several cars were destroyed. Police are linking the two incidents, which follow the discovery earlier this month of another home-made bomb on a residential area called Alto de los Monteros east of the upmarket resort of Marbella.

Bomb squad officers carried out a controlled explosion to make the device safe after being alerted on September

COSTA DEL SWINGERS. THOUSANDS of British couples will fly to the Costa del Sol for half-term this week – but not all for a family holiday. sex-mad grandmothers, and jaded expat Brits who.

The scheme will be trialled from the 1st of December in Fuengirola , before being rolled out across all the major towns on the Costa Del Sol. Cars registered to hire companies used by visitors and cars registered to foreign residents are the only ones who will have to pay the fines, I mean charges. Payment Machines Payment machines are going to be installed at inconvenient points in town centres, and drivers will also be able to pay online if they can navigate a complicated and illogical web payment system.

Expats are already complaining that the new payment machines will be too hard to use, as they are in Chinese with no option for English or Spanish instructions. Exemptions Some drivers will be exempt from the new congestion charge. These include drivers of top end vehicles including Ferraris and Bentleys. Non-Spanish community presidents will also be exempt from the congestion charge. Fuengirola First Fuengirola County Council say they are delighted to be the first town to introduce congestion charging.

By reducing the number of cars in the town centre, we will cut back on pollution and make life much better for pedestrians who like to walk in the roads as if there are no cars on them anyway. Any money raised from the scheme will be ploughed straight back into the roads, after we have taken out our expenses and costs and things. The area within the red outline is the first congestion charging zone to be enforced on the Costa Del Sol Louise Hamilton lives in Marbella and travels to Malaga every day to work.

My husband is on the committee at our darts club, we should be treated better than this. How do you feel about this new congestion charge? Have your say in the comments box below!

The starving dogs that give Spain a bad name

Over the past decade, Malaga has received a Cinderella-like makeover that has seen the introduction of a pedestrian-only city centre and a revamped harbour area full of museums and trendy boutiques. Replacing many of the bad fats that are everywhere in Britain with the finest local extra virgin olive oils, many expats have completely transformed their diet since moving here. Torremolinos Heading west from Malaga you come to the seaside resort of Torremolinos and its seven-kilometre long beach full of high-rise hotels and apartment buildings.

Feb 17,  · The Costa del Sol is incredibly popular with expats – especially those looking to retire to a foreign country with good weather, good company and good facilities.

The British bar owner, who had earlier that night told the drunk Englishman to leave his bar, recalls: There were alcohol and drugs involved unfortunately and it ended in the worst way. However, James has noticed a different trend as far as the British resident community is concerned: I think this whole Brexit thing is frightening people. It includes the towns of Torremolinos, Marbella, Benalmadena and Mijas. Jason Rogers, who owns a British tourist boat in the Costa Del Sol suggested a different factor may also be playing its part.

But the more people that come here, the more people living here fear that we will be next. No matter what the government comes and says, things have already changed.

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How to make expat life work for you Take the time to learn the language and you will get so much more out of your life abroad As a Brit having lived on the Costa del Sol in Spain for over seven years and seen so many people come and go, I would say there is one key factor to making expat life work long term — learn the language! Although places like the Costa del Sol are well set up for expats and you can easily get by without knowing the language, you can never really integrate, participate in the community or completely understand your new home without a good level of the local language.

Learning the language will allow you to put your kids in the local schools, have a voice in your community, take advantage of free health care and allow you to make friends. Once you start your level will just get better and better! This is fine and I totally understand those people who retire here to take this attitude, but for someone with a young family and a business like me, not speaking the language severely limits your options and leads to a lot of frustrations.

The difficulty if you live in a place with a developed expat community like the Costa del Sol is that you have options not to speak the native language and this holds you back, so my top tip for conquering the language is to force yourself into having to speak it.

An Irish conman who preyed on wealthy widows and pensioners has been outed on the Costa del Sol by a sharp-eyed year old who’d met up with him via an online dating site.

Posted on September 23, by Robert Bovington Mijas, a pueblo blanco, is situated in the foothills of the coastal mountain range that overlooks the Costa de Sol. The actual municipal area covers about square kilometres, from the mountains down to the sea and comprises three urban areas, Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas and La Cala de Mijas.

It is Mijas Pueblo that we and other tourists visit. It is here, the old town with its Town Hall, its historic buildings and its whitewashed houses that holidaymakers seeking a distinct change from the over developed coastal strip are to be found. Yes, some are a trifle touristy and sell the usual pottery, leather goods and pictures of white-washed houses but there are also more tasteful establishments including shops selling antiques and fine art. There are also the little bars and restaurants some with stunning views.

I just like walking the steep narrow streets with the little houses with their white facades adorned by colourful pots of flowers. On one occasion I walked up to the little chapel, the Calvario Hermitage, on the hill high above Mijas. It was rather a strenuous climb and I wished at the time that I had picked a colder day to do it but once there I enjoyed the views and the well-earned rest. Unfortunately the chapel itself was locked. The chapel was built by Mercedarian monks in and inside is a carved wooden image of the virgin allegedly dating back to AD It is a delightful little building, although I find it a bit incongruous that, just like a number of ancient churches that I have visited in recent years, it has electronic candles rather than the real thing!

Outside there is a lookout point overlooking the Mijas valley and the Costa del Sol.

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Roger Hanks, 73, has not been seen since last Tuesday just before heavy rain forced the evacuation of residents living by a river near the inland town of Coin where the year-old has a home. His two dogs have been taken in by a friend, but a search for Roger involving police, locals and Civil Protection workers has so far failed to find any trace of him. Roger Hanks, 73, pictured from Britain has not been seen since the Costa del Sol floods His two dogs, which go everywhere with him, have been found and are safe and staying with a friend Acquaintances and other expats — used to seeing him on his bicycle with his pets — have appealed for information on social media.

Police are understood to have tried but failed to locate him via the signal from his mobile. Local expat Sallye Locke said:

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Posted by Sammie Tagged: Gay clubs, bars, hotels and associations are rampant throughout the country with more of a presence in the larger more cosmopolitan cities, yet still very active within smaller cities. With the onset of the Spanish constitution in it was legalized and since then the gay community in Spain has thrived. Due to the recent introduction of the controversial homosexual marriage law, Spain became the third European country after the Netherlands and Belgium, to legalize same-sex marriage between native Spanish citizens and also registered foreigners living in Spain.

Even though the Catholic Church strongly contested the marriage bill, the large majority of people especially in urban areas support equal rights for homosexual couples. An estimated sixty-two per cent of Spanish people supported the move to legalize same-sex marriages. This law now gives Spanish-resident same-sex couples the right to marry and the same rights of ownership, inheritance and adoption as married heterosexuals. An important thing to note is that this law also improves the legal situation for children born into or adopted by lesbian or homosexual couples, giving them civil and inheritance rights currently denied them under law.

Since the law has been passed, at least 5, couples have already applied for permission to marry. Due to the new marriage law and the growing support within the country for homosexuality, Spain has become a popular tourist and vacation destination for the gay community.

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Danes in Malaga Join Our Exciting Events in Malaga Attend our monthly events and activities for Malaga expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life. Our Global Partners Moving to Malaga Malaga’s hot, dry climate makes it an appealing place to move to and the Costa Del Sol is particularly popular with expatriates from around the world who are either at, or near, retirement age.

Read one for more details on this city, its climate, and visas for Spain. Living in Malaga Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history dating back around 2, years.

May 26,  · In the BBC spent millions of pounds launching an ill-fated soap opera, Eldorado, following the fortunes of British expats on the Costa del Sol. The .

Expat Life The starving dogs that give Spain a bad name What with the snow and rain recently, it’s no wonder that people’s minds turn to thoughts of sunshine on Spain’s Costas. But there’s a dark side to Spain. But there’s a dark side to Andalucia and Murcia, which you won’t find mentioned in the tourist guides or websites. If you’ve been to these places before, you’ll have noticed the starving dogs lurking fearfully around restaurants, hoping to be thrown a bread crust; you’ll have dodged the dog dirt on pavements or driven past dogs lying injured and ignored by the side of the road.

It’s especially bad at this time of year, now the Spanish hunting season has finished for the winter, and the galgueros — Spanish hunters — abandon their galgos — hunting greyhounds — in their tens of thousands. The hunters discard their dogs like a cigarette butt. They will buy new ones in September to hunt next season.

It’s a problem Spanish refuges and rescue associations have been coping with for decades, and one the national and regional governments refuse to address. Tina Solera is a young Englishwoman who is trying to do something about it. She and her Spanish husband, Jaime, have lived in Murcia with their two children for four years. In that time, Tina has moved from being a volunteer in a Spanish-run animal shelter to opening her own refuge — Galgos del Sol — specifically for galgos, in collaboration with, and on land belonging to another English couple, Gaynor and Les who moved to Spain from Warwickshire.

Every day I see stray dogs.

Truth and Myth of Life on the Costa del Sol, Southern Spain