Are you still looking for that great summer experience? Yes, this means free summer activities for kids, parents, friends and more. From camping to coding, use our list to make this summer the best — and most affordable — summer ever. Take the kids to the playground, or go after sunset with someone special and swing side-by-side. Make a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or spend a morning deviling up some eggs. Then pack your picnic basket, grab a blanket and enjoy dining al fresco. Parks, lakes and other nature areas often have marked hiking trails.

Chauvet Cave

July 23, at 2: Here, through this tunnel of foliage, lies a sunlight-lit house at the end. Advertisements July 20, at 2:

Dating old pottery is difficult – especially one that has been in operation for over years such as Wedgwood.. Manufacturers were not overly concerned about sticking to ‘rules’ and would interchange marks – using different marks at the same time and using old batches later in the production runs.

Red horse head, below and to the left of the yellow horse heads. These horse heads and signs are in a small alcove, above a flat floor. Just a few lines have been used to outline more clearly the shape of a small mammoth, about 20 cm wide, taken up by the flowstone or stalagmite cascade at the entrance to the Brunel Chamber. I have highlighted the shape in the right hand photograph. The zone is heavily covered with calcite. It is not possible to determine whether the front of this animal existed at one time.

manufacturers’ labels & marks (A to C)

From protective eyewear, to complex respiratory equipment and fire equipment, we help manufacturers prove where safety is paramount, a product has been proven to meet the agreed high standard. The expertize of our test engineers and technical specialists means that a product has been checked to meet optimal standards, from extremes of temperature, weathering and endurance testing to name a few.

When reliability matters most For household and commercial gas and electrical appliances, we test everything from cookers to barbecues, fireplaces to emergency lighting, medical devices and electronic components. Resistance to heat and fire, insulation resistance, protection against electrical shock are just some of the tests we conduct at our Centres of excellence.

marks, where they cover the same area as the Mark. In principle, national voluntary schemes should become obsolete. The EC believes that any voluntary marks that are used to top up the Marking requirements to increase the virtual state of attestation of conformity should be on a pan-European basis.

I am cheerful, bright, stylish, slim, friendly, smiling woman. I never give up and the finish is always a new beginning for me. I think, to be happy, people have to be realists and have to be happy from everything. Most of the people are unhappy, because they want a lot and cannot achieve everything in one moment. I think, everything needs time and know, how is it to wait.

I think, I will be a dutiful wife and a good mother. My aim now is to meet a man, who will love me and will be ready to create a family. I have a lot of hobbies and like to discover new things every day. Most of all I like painting. And not a usual one, but painting on the body. It is not a tattoo, but a beautiful picture of the hand, the symbol or just a nice decoration of a beautiful skin. When my soul needs adventures, I go on the beach for the kite surfing.

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Although a number of conditions affected the record sale of the vase, perhaps the most important condition was the vase’s history. The “mark” on the bottom of a vase indicates the year or period and region it originated from, as well as the potter or sculptor who created it. Identify the style of the vase. Often the style including any symbols, decorations and the overall shape help determine where the vase originated, which makes it easier to interpret its mark.

Additionally, use the apparent age, the colours and the thickness of the clay to identify the vase. Determine if the mark was handwritten or stamped.

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Middle East The Israeli military said its aircraft struck a vehicle early Sunday belonging to someone who sent burning kites into Israel from Gaza. No one was injured in the strike, but it marks an escalation in Israel’s response to a phenomenon that has wreaked havoc on agriculture in southern Israel in recent weeks. Burning kites set fields ablaze in more than a dozen locations on a hot, windy, dry Saturday. Gazans began flying kites with burning rags attached to them during the mass protests against the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the territory.

Israeli troops have fired on the protesters, killing more than since the weekly demonstrations began in March. The Israeli military says militants have used the protests as cover to carry out attacks and to try to breach the border fence. The Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, has led the protests. Israel says it holds Hamas responsible for the fires.

While Israel has been mostly successful in thwarting militant infiltration attempts and rocket fire, it has struggled to stop the low-tech kites drifting into its territory. Israel says it plans to deduct from tax funds it collects for the Palestinians to compensate farmers. A fire burns in scrubland in Israel near the Gaza Strip, in an area where Palestinians have been causing blazes by flying kites and balloons loaded with flammable material Credit: Cabinet Minister Naftali Bennett compared the kites to rockets, and said the response should be the same.

Lilly Rush

Although four different marks were used on cups and saucers during this time “Japan,” “Made in Japan,” “Occupied Japan,” and “Made in Occupied Japan” , only the last two marks guarantee the pieces were made in the Occupied Japan timeframe. For serious Occupied Japan collectors, it is items with these two marks for which they search. Although several excellent books are available on Occupied Japan collectibles, all contain limited photos of cups and saucers, which is what I collect.

Kite-shaped marks date between and and sequential number marks designate vases beyond , according to Antique Marks. The McKinley Tariff Act of America required that all goods imported to the United States after must name the country of origin within the mark.

View Additional Images Sand, surf and scenery have always been the main attractions, but a visit to Seaside is more than just a day at the beach. Come for the great shopping, to savor regional cuisine, create family memories or celebrate life with a relaxing getaway. Feed the Seals Located on Seaside’s promenade since , generations of visitors have come to feed the famous seals at the Seaside Aquarium.

The aquarium offers live displays of Northwest marine life and a hands-on discovery center for kids, and outside you can view the foot skeleton of a Gray Whale. Visit the aquarium’s gift shop for great coastal souvenirs! Enjoy Fun and Games With the largest arcade on the Oregon coast and classic beach attractions including carnival rides and miniature golf, Seaside is just plain fun.

Collecting Occupied Japan Cups and Saucers

Early life in Boston Franklin’s birthplace on Milk Street , Boston, Massachusetts Franklin’s birthplace site directly across from Old South Meeting House on Milk Street is commemorated by a bust above the second floor facade of this building. Among Benjamin’s siblings were his older brother James and his younger sister Jane.

Josiah wanted Ben to attend school with the clergy, but only had enough money to send him to school for two years.

Exploring the World of Gold Hallmarks However, pictorial marks paint a more arcane picture. Without question, the French system of hallmarking, which dates back to the 13th century, is the most complex. Instead of numbers, a selection of symbols in the form of animals and heads of animals and people, insects, and birds have been used to.

Numerous locals have been forced to flee their homes, praying the flames will spare their land.. While petrified residents escape from the fiery blaze, brave firefighters run right toward it. Firefighters directly from the state and neighboring areas come together to fight the flames threatening millions of peoples’ homes. They’re the only thing standing between total destruction and minor burn marks We’ve all seen the heart-stopping pics of firefighters pushed up against the flames with a hose in-hand and their fellow firefighters standing in support next to them.

But what we fail to see is what takes place when the fire trucks pull out and the company goes back for a much-needed break. One of the California fire departments took a photo of this jarring truth and posted it online last December. This is what the firefighters facing the excruciating heat and treacherous terrain get to experience as soon as they step off the battlefield. Blanketed in soot, boots still on and helmets sitting within arm’s length – just in case.

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